Large 100% Yak Wool Shawl


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After the incredible popularity of our unique super large 100% Yak Wool shawls last year we were thrilled to be able to restock.

With new designs and patterns, these huge and super soft shawls are sure to be just as popular this year.

“my yak scarf is so warm and unique, thank you I love it!”

Yaks are herd animals, they have firm, dense horns which they use to break through the snow in order to reach the plants buried underneath. They have a dense undercoat covered by outer hair, almost long enough to reach the ground, which is usually dark brown or black in colour.

In these images, super large 100% Yak Wool shawls perfectly complement our Grey Cashmere poncho

Yaks live for up to 20 years in herds of 10 to up to 100 animals. Yaks can endure winter temperatures on the Nepal and Tibetan plateau of -40 and are used by Sherpas to escort tourists up Mount Everest. The yaks split hooves help in their stability up the mountains’ rocky and icy terrain.

“my yak blanket is the warmest scarf I have ever worn”


Size: 200cms x 100cms (approx) plus tassels
Material: 100% Wool
Features: ethnic pattern design, soft, warm and comfortable, suitable for all seasons
See more about the work we do in Nepal on our FB page

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