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Copper Bangle handmade in Nepal. This stylish bracelet is adjustable and easy to wear. Copper bangles are known to have anti-inflammatory properties and have been used to alleviate joint pain since ancient Egyptian times.

The use of a copper bangle centres on reducing the joint pain and stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. For believers, this means more freedom of movement and joint flexibility. Worn on the wrist, bracelets are beneficial to stiff joints throughout the entire body.

A copper bangle is unlikely to have detrimental side effects and you may be pleasantly surprised. Slight variations may be seen as each bangle is handmade.

Copper is an element essential to the function of the human body. If copper levels are too high or too low normal metabolic processes cannot happen, and often our modern diets do not provide us with as much copper as we need.

Modern open ended design adjusts to fit most wrists – stack them together for a statement look

Your purchase of one of our bangles supports Nepalese artisans. The artisans work in small enterprises in rural villages in Nepal. Working within these associations ensures that the artisans are paid fair wages for their skills. This work empowers them to support their families and improve their community.

These handcrafted bangles are made from copper, brass and aluminium. The metals are cut, braided and twisted and then hammered into these wearable works of art. Width 50mm.

Copper is reputed to carry the healing qualities of these metals to your body. The mineral copper is reputed to assist in improving mental agility and reducing joint stiffness and arthritis. Wearing copper next to your skin will assist in opening the flow of blocked energy or chi, also known as your life force. Copper has been used for centuries to improve blood circulation, increase energy and assist the body to detoxify.

Stack up a mix of plain copper bangles with a jewelled bangle for a statement look.

We buy all our jewellery from Basundhara Ghmire who has a small stall on the side of a street in Thamel. She also sells our pencil cases and purses.


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