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Children in Nepal have many barriers to education and in winter one of them is the cold. With no heating schools are very cold, especially in the Himalayan schools. This year we have been able to help the students in “our” school to be a little bit warmer with the gift ๐ŸŽ of a new school jumper.

All the students will be a little bit warmer this winter in their new school jumpers
Himalayan schools do not have the luxury of heating

The jumpers were challenging to source as the makers have not been making school jumpers due to lockdown, but Sailesh Lopchan was able to find enough for one each and with the help of the teachers and Ghising Brave all the students are now a little bit warmer – heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported AmadablamCashmere this year.

“Education just isnโ€™t a priority.โ€

The Headmaster gave Sailesh a list of ages so the children would get the right sizes #Nepal
Teachers helping the children into their new jumpers
How smart do they all look, with their new jumpers and safe in their masks #educationforall

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